Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Electric vans rolled out for delivery company

A London ‘farm food’ home delivery service has become the first in the capital to use only electric vehicles.

Farmdrop, which specialises in food from 70 farms and other producers within 150 miles of London, says the move will save hundreds of tonnes of CO2 as well as other harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxide from being pumped into the atmosphere.

Farmdrop founder and former Morgan Stanley investment banker Ben Pugh said: “The mainstream food chain is harmful to our health, our environment, our local producers, and it needs fixing.
“Farmdrop is on a mission to make it easy to buy the freshest food direct from the best local producers and delivered to people’s doors in a convenient and green way.

“Our larger supermarket rivals all use diesel and petrol engines, but Farmdrop is the only grocery delivery service using 100 per cent electric. Not only does this mean cleaner air for Londoners but the savings on fuel allow us to continue to offer great value.”

Electric milk floats were once a mainstay of home delivery but have all but disappeared from London’s streets to be replaced by diesel vans. A conventional diesel delivery van emits 13.89 tonnes of CO2 and 10.36kg of nitrogen oxides into London’s atmosphere every year.

The small lorries that use diesel-powered transport refrigeration units are particularly harmful, giving out 164 times more particulates — the microscopic sooty flakes that are a by-product of burning diesel —than a diesel car. There are estimated to be 84,000 transport refrigeration units in Britain.

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