Wednesday, 26 August 2015

You can make a difference

Did you know you can transform the lives of many Ugandan women with as little as £100?

Ugandan women aren’t short of smart business ideas - they just lack the means to start them. The team behind have given out more than eight thousand small business loans to women in rural Uganda to help them to work towards a better future and escape the poverty trap.

As a microbanker you select a business plan to donate to and the loan is passed onto the client – a lady in rural Uganda. While the client builds her business, she makes weekly repayments of the loan, including interest to cover the costs of the organization. The loans are repaid in a maximum of one year and each week you can follow ‘your’ client’s repayments.

The women repay their loans in a maximum of one year in weekly installments. Each installment is added to your online microbanker account. For financial regulatory reasons you cannot take out your donation after the loan has been repaid - it will remain a donation. But you can choose which microcredit to support with the repaid amount, meaning that your one donation will help women again and again to realize their dream of working for a better future!

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